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# This Is What Asexual Looks Like

"Campaigner/influencer of the year"
- Rainbow honours, 2022
Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Yasmin Benoit is a British model, multi-award-winning asexual activist, writer, speaker, media consultant and researcher. Described as the "unlikely face of asexuality" by Cosmopolitan Magazine, she quickly became a leading voice for the community after publicly coming out in 2017. She started the #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike movement for diverse asexual visibility and representation and co-founded International Asexuality Day (April 6).


Her unconventional approach to activism has been covered throughout British and international press, including Vogue, MTV, Sky News, Paper Magazine, Attitude Magazine and the BBC. In 2022, she launched the UK's first asexual rights initiative - the Stonewall x Yasmin Benoit Ace Project - in partnership with Stonewall. That same year, she won 'Campaigner of the Year' at the Rainbow Honours Awards.



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