# This Is What Asexual Looks Like

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"Yasmin Benoit is currently one of the main faces of the asexual community world-wide. Thanks to her activism, asexuality is gaining greater visibility in media and in the LGBTQ+ community."
- Prague Pride Magazine, 2019

Yasmin Benoit is a fashion model, writer, activist, and Masters graduate based in Berkshire, England. At 18, she began modelling with the goal of diversifying the fashion industry and became one of the UK's most prominent Black alternative models.


In late 2017, she publicly came out as aromantic-asexual and became an unlikely face for those communities. She focuses on raising awareness for asexuality and aromanticism, and dispelling misconceptions about the identities.

"ASEXUAL looks like Yasmin Benoit. Not a timid woman in baggy, unflattering clothing but a strong, beautiful activist and model (with 20,000 online followers) in not very much at all."

Yasmin created the popular #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike movement to show that there is no asexual way to look or dress, which has been embraced by asexual people worldwide. Her unconventional approach to activism has attracted the attention of international press, including the BBC, Sky News, and PAPER Magazine.

Whether she is giving seminars, appearing on magazine covers, working with LGBTQ+ charities, or hosting inclusive events, Yasmin uses her platform to amplify the voices of those who don't experience sexual or romantic attraction.




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